Hi everyone, my name is Emma Lambert. I am the salon owner of Jet Black in Dereham. We are an independant unisex salon in the heart of the town.

I am very much a family person with 3 boys and a little lady on the way, due March 20th... When i get chance to 'let my hair down' i enjoy doing a wide range of things such as, going out for afternoon tea, camping, socialising with friends, family days out, bingo the list goes on, not quiet as wild as i used to be middle of the dance floor throwing shapes, those of you close to me will know i have some signature moves! If anyone was to ask me what my favourite food is i would probably have to say, steak and it would have to be cooked rare, although my dad does do a mean spag bol! Im very down to earth, and would like to think if any friend needed me they could ask me for help, i bend over backwards for those i love dearly. My favourite time of year is Christmas, yes i go overboard but we work hard for it so why not, and every year the salon is decorated.

I have been doing hair since i left Reepham High School, it is something i always wanted to do, and went through a very hard apprenticeship. This started me on my journey which has got me to where i am today, looking back the 50+ hour weeks have paid off! I have worked in various salons around Norfolk and decided to start my first salon in Dereham way back in Jan 2011. I am very proud to say we survived being at such a tough time across the country with only 20% of businesses making it past their first year, and come 24th Jan 2018, it will be the salons 7th Birthday.

I have some very loyal clients/customers, which i feel have developed into friends, that gave me that chance way back at the very beginning of opening the salon. I love my job, and couldn't imagine doing anything else. The feeling it can give you seeing someone getting emotional over the work you do is truly priceless, moments like these you never forget...